Software Jobs

Software jobs involve design and creating software for your employers or clients. Software development is a relatively new field – just 50 years ago, the phrase “job in software” was unheard of. But today, with everyone and their grandmother using computers and applications on computers, which includes your phone, whether iphone, android or some other […]

Software jobs involve design and creating software for your employers or clients. Software development is a relatively new field – just 50 years ago, the phrase “job in software” was unheard of. But today, with everyone and their grandmother using computers and applications on computers, which includes your phone, whether iphone, android or some other phone, desktop, laptop and even parts of your car, there is a great demand for software engineers.

Types of Software Jobs

You can classify different software jobs according to the type of work they involve, and according to the domain of the job.

In the former classification, you have jobs in software development, quality assurance (QA) or testing, infrastructure jobs or IT jobs, and jobs in configuration management, also called as source control jobs. Software development is the actual design and development of software, this is what we think when we think about software. Quality assurance involves making sure that the software developed is up to the requirement and standard of quality require of it. Infrastructure or IT is the administration of the technical infrastructure of a company, this can involve both hardware and software expertise, though it usually requires expertise in relevant software.

The domain of the job means the type of software you develop or maintain – networking, database, mobile or phone applications, web development and web design, hardware, animation, 3D or graphics design. Other jobs include technical writing and customer service in IT. Other technologies that make for difference in jobs are Unix/Linux, knowledge of Java or.NET, languages such as Python, Perl and C/C++.

Searching For Software Jobs

A number of online resources help you search for jobs in software engineering. Sites like have listings of latest positions. Craigslist too has a section where jobs in software are posted by different companies. The advantage of Craigslist is that the jobs are posted locally – so if you want a information technology job in San Francisco Bay Area, for example, you can check the Craigslist page for that location. Networking with former classmates, friends, co-workers and clients is also a good way of landing a job interview.

Salary for Software Jobs

Companies like IBM, Apple and other giants pay top dollar for good developers – the average salary at these companies tops $100,000. Even in smaller companies, as long as you are good at what you do, you will earn more than your average college graduate.


QA Jobs

Software quality assurance and testing is an industry involved with making sure that software programs and applications are in great, working order before entering the marketplace for sale to consumers. As such, software quality assurance plays a vital role in the product development stage for software producers and makers. Many opportunities exist for individuals who want to further their education with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and some software QA and testing jobs can be quite lucrative-paying as well.

Educational Requirements for QA Careers:
As mentioned, a bachelor’s or master’s degree is required by the majority of employers. Getting one of these degrees in the field of quality assurance or even software engineering qualifies you for working in the field. Beyond your degree, however, two major certificates can further qualify you for software quality assurance and testing careers. The first certificate, the Certified Associate in Software Quality (CASQ), is a two-part test and can be obtained once you have at least three full years of undergraduate education even though most CASQ candidates choose to finish out their undergraduate bachelor degrees.

The second possible certificate, the Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA), can only be obtained for those who have earned a bachelor degree plus related experience in the software quality assurance and testing industry. Unlike the two-part Certified Associate’s test, the Certified Analyst’s test consists of four parts and tests your knowledge on topics such as quality control, quality assurance procedures, and security.

Responsibilities of QA Testers:
Working in software QA and testing jobs means that you’ll have several responsibilities when working for a client. The first involves testing the actual software on its merits. Many types of testing procedures exist for those who work in the software quality assurance and testing field, including white box testing, black box testing, functional and stress testing techniques. While white box testing uses the software program’s written code to test it out, black box uses a variety of other measures based on the program’s stated functionality and requirements.

In addition, an individual working in software QA and testing will be responsible for testing the strength of the software as well. In other words, the QA tester must intentionally throw viruses, bugs, and other errors at the software to determine where security holes and faults lie. This enables the software developers to fix any known problems, if any exist.

Finding Jobs in the QA Field:
When it comes to finding jobs in the software quality assurance and testing field, there are basically two different types of places you can work for as QA worker. The first is for third-party agency companies that provide QA services to software developer and maker companies. Many small-to-medium size companies may not be able to afford or may not find it necessary to keep a QA tester in its software development at all times, which is why these services are contracted out.

The second job opportunity in the software quality assurance and testing field is working directly for large corporations and software developers, such as Microsoft, Kodak, and Electronic Arts (EA). These companies hire their own internal staff to perform software QA and testing duties.

Overall, the software QA and testing industry can be an enjoyable and exciting career, especially for those who love working with different programs and software each time they work with a client. In addition, signing on with a major software company may enable you to earn a high-paying salary as well.


Software Development Job Options

If you are eyeing that dream job with a software development company and you know you are qualified for it, what you need is an impressive CV that will get the attention of your potential employers. To get a software development job, you can use the following tips to improve your CV.

First, keep your CV focused on your skills and qualifications since on the job advertisement there should be a list of requirements for the job you are applying for. You should have all the specifications indicated on your CV and also include any additional qualifications that make you the best candidate for the job.

As for where you should include the above information, it very much depends on how you got the qualifications. You can have them in the Work or Professional Experience section, where you should write down the job and title you held, as well as the activities that your job required. If you are applying without prior work experience, that is, straight from college, indicate your qualifications under the Education section where you show the degree and diplomas that you have earned.

Secondly, be specific about what you have studied or learned as a software developer. Your CV should include details like the certifications, programming languages, web applications, operating systems, networking and other fields within software development that you are familiar with. Include all these details for your software development job CV to show the software company that you are not only familiar with but also great at what you do.

The third tip is to include any and all impressive technical achievements in the field of software development. You may have created software as a school project, a personal initiative or even out of curiosity, but as long as the software you have made got you the best grades or earned you some income due to its excellence, do include it in your CV. Remember to take samples of these software to your interview as proof of your expertise.

Finally, avoid including things like hobbies and interests unless they portray you as an invaluable asset to your prospective employer. For example, if you have an interest in gaming, for example, you can say that you are interested in developing and testing gaming software. Ensure that any hobbies you include are relevant to software development or make you an all rounded individual.

Remember that you must write your CV in reverse chronological order that is, starting from your most recent job or educational qualifications. Also use a clean, simple format for your CV, such that it is easy to read, has clear categories and portrays professionalism. You must never send out your CV when it has formatting or grammatical errors, so always ask your friend or acquaintance to go through it before you email or post it.

With these tips, you can be sure that you will get the call for an interview sooner than you expected. Get your dream job by writing a killer software development job CV and impress your future employers.

Software Engeneering in USA

Dominating the world software industry since its inception, the US software industry needs a steady inflow of software engineers to keep that dominance. From the innovative Apple Computers, to the desktop dominance of Microsoft, the dominance of Google in worldwide search and related web technologies, and the animation and 3D expertise of Pixar and Lucas Arts, American companies are the leaders in almost all domains of computer industry. In fact, most of the competition for these companies comes from other American companies, and not from foreign companies. To fuel this dominance, US companies require filling hundred of thousands of software jobs every year.

Top Software Employers in US

Apart from the companies mentioned above, other large software companies in US include IBM, Oracle, Accenture, SAP AG, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo!, Dell, Cap Gemini, Symantec and CA (Computer Associates). Together they employ hundreds of thousands of engineers and developers. The total number of software engineers and others employed in Microsoft alone tops more than 55,000!

Many of these companies have their own products, whereas others work on the model of servicing a client. In the latter case, these companies will take on projects from their clients, and work it on completion – the projects can involve building software, maintaining IT infrastructure like mainframes, and providing IT infrastructure.

Searching for Software Jobs in US

You can apply to most US software company’s through their websites – they will list out their vacancies from time to time. Another way is to use sites like Networking is another way of landing a job interview – if you are looking for a job, contact your friends, ex colleagues, and clients about any positions suitable for you. They may be able to tell you about a position which you can then apply for. Maintaining and using your profile on is another way of getting a job through networking. Craigslist too is used by many company’s and hiring agencies to advertise open positions.

Though off-shoring has been quite a buzzword lately with respect to technology jobs, fact is that off-shored jobs account for only a small percentage of total requirements. With an appropriate degree, there still is great scope of making a career out of the software industry in the USA.